Signature Back Office Solutions’ Leadership Team

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Get to know Signature Back Office Solutions’ team. Our executives bring years of experience in the business world to the table, and they know what it takes to make your staffing agency run more efficiently.



Signature Back Office Solutions founder Sean Powell began his career as a disbursement clerk in the U.S. Navy. Afterward, he joined CSC Corporation, where he rose to become vice president of operations, notably excelling in managing business units like business insurance. 

In 2006, Sean had a vision to simplify employment, insurance, funding, and compliance for staffing and executive search firms. His innovative strategy involved paying gross profits to staffing firms weekly, driving growth. Under his leadership, Signature Back Office Solutions processed payments for around 10,000 employees in 2022. 

Sean also boasts professional growth as a property casualty underwriter and holds an active general lines insurance agent license, further enhancing his insurance expertise. 


Chief Financial Officer
& Chief Operating Officer

Troy is an accomplished leader with a background spanning finance, consulting, and operations. Currently overseeing key functions at Signature Back Office Solutions, his prior roles include President and CFO of Tax Advisors Group, leadership at Viscern consulting, and positions as CFO and COO for Dallas-based hedge funds and family offices. Troy also founded Surge Advisors, specializing in cost reduction strategies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems from Southern Methodist University. 

Michelle Powell

Vice President

Michelle’s career began at Paragon Insurance Group, where she quickly rose to lead underwriter in the non-standard auto group. In 2006, she co-founded Signature Back Office Solutions with Sean Powell. Her pivotal contributions fueled the company’s growth and enhanced its ability to serve a growing clientele. Michelle is dedicated to personalized client service and innovative solutions. She actively recruits and trains staff, emphasizing excellence in every role. Her journey is defined by unwavering commitment and innovation in insurance and business operations. 


Vice President of Operations

Jan brings a wealth of experience in human resources and payroll, gained through diverse roles at prominent companies. With prior positions as human resources manager or payroll administrator at Home Depot, Cadbury Schweppes, Masonite, LiquidAgents Healthcare, and Hiring Partners, Jan has honed her skills and developed a comprehensive understanding of employment and payroll processes. Jan’s extensive background enables her to effectively oversee the payroll process while ensuring strict adherence to reporting and filing deadlines. Beyond that, she navigates the intricate landscape of employment regulations across the various states where our employees are based.  Jan’s dedication to our clients and employees, coupled with her commitment to delivering timely and accurate payroll services, guarantees a consistent, dependable, and seamless experience.

Lauren Lichorowic

Vice President

Lauren Lichorowic is a seasoned sales professional with a passion for connecting people and helping them achieve their goals.  She started her corporate career at Paychex selling payroll services and quickly advanced as a Top Performer.  She then transitioned to Consulting and Recruiting for Executive Search & Staffing Firms where her knowledge, experience, and interpersonal relationship-building skills made her a standout President’s Club achiever, consistently delivering results.  Lauren holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Kansas, bringing a well-rounded perspective to her work.  As a top ranked and dedicated sales leader, she not only excels individually but also mentors and inspires those around her.  Lauren’s unique talent lies in her genuine care for people, and she thrives most in seeing their growth and success. Whether it is finding the right match for an opportunity, helping a manager overcome a difficult challenge, closing gaps in communication between multiple parties, creating new partnerships with companies, or brainstorming with C-Suite Executives on solutions to help increase their bottom line or decrease turnover, Lauren is a respected and trusted professional in the industry.  Her overall exceptional performance and ability to bring people together for success is greatly appreciated from those who work with her. 


Human Resources Manager

Brandy brings a wealth of experience from her diverse background in customer-facing roles. Her most recent position as a coordinator at Wolfgang Puck Catering allowed her to successfully manage the logistics of numerous catering events across multiple locations. Prior to this, Brandy served as a general manager at Urban Air and Shenaniganz, overseeing sales, management, staffing, and operations. At Signature Back Office Solutions, Brandy plays a pivotal role in cultivating relationships with our clients as they embark on their journey with us. In addition, Brandy takes charge of compliance reporting, serving as the go-to person for verification and claims within the Signature team. Driven by her dedication to responsiveness, Brandy finds fulfillment in assisting individuals and resolving problems. She is passionate about providing exemplary customer service, offering valuable support to both our clients and colleagues.

Why Signature?

Our clients chose Signature for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Expansion of service to multi-state clients immediately

  • Difficulty in funding payroll (no line of credit, client concentration, an attractive alternative to factoring)

  • Add contract staffing to an existing Executive Search firm as a value add for their current clients

  • Accelerate the timeline for a startup staffing company to quickly get off the ground

  • Create focus on finding and placing talent, not back office time consuming tasks

  • Outsource employer obligations (onboarding, insurance, benefits, worker’s comp and/or unemployment claim, etc.)

  • Relieve the burden of state registration, reporting, and compliance

  • Transfer of employment risks

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