At Signature Back Office Solutions, we know that we have the best back-office solutions in the business. Our team has helped countless staffing agencies and recruitment firms streamline the hiring and benefits process. Don’t just take our word for it – hear it from a few of our satisfied clients.

“I talk to lots of IT staffing firms with similar profiles to mine (SMB with ~15-20 FTEs), and a lot of them are looking at bringing on an EOR. I’ve recommended Signature to at least four different companies in the past year alone

Managing Partner


“We expect to double our number of staffed candidates from 25 to 50 in the next few years, and that will all be run through Signature.”



There is a lot of opportunity to win new customers in some of the big segments such as Healthcare, but we are also finding success growing revenue with existing accounts as they scale

Senior Executive


“Customer service is their strongest area. I personally deal with 2-3 people at the office. They enter things pretty quickly and will get back to us in a timely manner. They are just fantastic. You sent them an email and they get right back at you”



“We are going to be using Signature a lot more. A lot of hospitals don’t want to hire people full-time, so they want 1099s instead. Hence, we will be using them a lot more in the next few years. I have no plans to move this stuff in-house –we would always be using Sean’s group for these activities”



Sean sold me. He is a genuine honest guy from Texas and we have similar backgrounds. So it really aligned quite well”

Managing Partner
& Growth Officer

Current Customer

Why Signature?

Our clients chose Signature for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Expansion of service to multi-state clients immediately

  • Difficulty in funding payroll (no line of credit, client concentration, an attractive alternative to factoring)

  • Add contract staffing to an existing Executive Search firm as a value add for their current clients

  • Accelerate the timeline for a startup staffing company to quickly get off the ground

  • Create focus on finding and placing talent, not back office time consuming tasks

  • Outsource employer obligations (onboarding, insurance, benefits, worker’s comp and/or unemployment claim, etc.)

  • Relieve the burden of state registration, reporting, and compliance

  • Transfer of employment risks

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