Payroll Funding

We can help you meet payroll at Signature Back Office Solutions. Think of us as your line of credit. We not only fund your payroll every week – and provide liability and workers compensation insurance – but we invoice your clients and calculate your profit each week. We pay you 100% of your profit every week. You get paid, right along with your staff, every Friday. We don’t hold back any of your profit. We also process the payroll checks and send them to your staff, and we collect all of the new hire paperwork to onboard a new employee. Contract staffing made easy. Let us do the backroom paperwork and fund your payroll. This will leave you to do what you do best, Recruit!

What we offer:

Access to as much capital as your growing company needs
Very Competitive Rates

What you can expect:

An active partnership where growth is a priority
An understanding of Staffing Industry that most other entities simply cannot provide

Payroll Processing

Signature utilizes a fixed-cost structure not based on revenues. At Signature, we understand the importance of timeliness and precision when it comes to payroll processing. Let us show you how easy payroll processing can be.

Taxes and Deductions:

Maintain Federal and State income tax requirements
Manage Pre and Post-tax deductions
Manage Sick days and Holiday accruals

Several Payment Options:

Direct Deposit
Paper Checks
Online Paystubs
Online W-2 Delivery